Hand Held Metal Detector
  • High-sensitivity.
  • Easy and convenient to handle without the necessity for re-adjustment.
  • Detecting range unchanged with cells of 9V discharge down to about 6V. (electric energy fully discharged) 
  • Economic electric consumption. Using alkaline cells with warning rate of 10%, then detector can work continuously for more than 45 hours. 
  • Automatic continuous sound warning as soon as the cells are exhausted.
  • Sound reminder equipped for both start and stop of the detector.
  • Electronic detection and inspection at airport, railway station and wharves.
  • Safety inspection by customs, police force, frontier guards and public security departments. 
  • Quality inspection in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and commercial system.
  • Safety inspection at important sites and sports grounds.
  • Examination of precious metal, say, at gold and silver jewelry works.
Detection Distances:
Material Distance
Pan head pin 30 ~ 60 mm
Gun 120 mm
6 inches dagger 130 mm
20mm diameter steel ball 90 ~ 120 mm

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